How to Get A Deeper Voice – Deep Voice Mastery

In the same way that a body builder works out to gain bigger muscles, a person can exercise their voice in a way that lowers it over time. You wouldn’t tell a bodybuilder that his muscles were all hereditary and that he was born that big, so don’t let a person tell you that your voice can not be changed.

If you are reading this then there is no doubt that you have wanted a lower voice but have always been told that it was impossible to do so without surgery or testosterone therapy. The previous idea is one not backed by science and is just a misconception. After reading this article and putting some techniques into practice, you will realize how silly people sound when they say that you are stuck with the voice you have now.

Vocal Exercises to Deepen your Voice

7 thoughts on “How to Get A Deeper Voice – Deep Voice Mastery”

  1. Travis,
    my main concern is that the deep voice mastery website looks really cheesy and I am wondering if this REALLY works? Does anyone else have any input on whether it actually works or not? I was hoping I could get a low voice for my Youtube gaming channel.

    1. It definitely works if you follow all the exercises in the guide or at least most of them. There was one that I didn’t really understand so I skipped it but it still worked great for me. See the video in the article and you can hear for yourself.

    2. Yo Chris! I would give it a try because my voice was ridiculously high before I started doing the exercises in the book. I don’t have a youtube channel but if I had your email i could send you a video of me reading a script before and after trying dvm. I was smart enough to record before i tried it so that i would know if it really works haha

  2. it works bro! thanks…my voice was high as hell and im 14 i be on my ps4 and people say im a 8 year old girl…this worked bro thanks alot!!!!!

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