Why Does My Voice Always Crack

Every guy goes through a period in their life where their voice cracks. During puberty, the male body produces more testosterone which in turn helps your voice box grow. The technical term for “voice box” is the Larynx and it is partly responsible for how high or low your voice sounds when you speak or sing.

Your vocal chords span across your larynx and open when your breathe. But when they speak they do something completely different. When speaking, your vocal chords come together and stretch over the larynx. The air that you produce while speaking then is forced through this area and when it passes it vibrates your vocal chords. This vibration is what makes your voice sound the way that it is.

As you start to grow up, different parts of your body start to grow and the parts responsible for your voice are no exception. Your vocal chords and larynx grow larger and this makes your voice deeper.adams apple

Once your throat area starts growing you may notice that your Adam’s Apple has become more apparent. The Adam’s Apple is the lump in the middle of your throat. Girls have this a smaller version of this lump too, but it’s hardly ever visible so most people don’t even really consider girls as having Adam’s Apples.

Why it Cracks

The reason you experience voice cracking is because your body is not entirely in sync. You are going through lots of changes and have imbalances in your body. Your body is simply getting used to the growing larynx.

What to Know About Voice Cracking

dont be a bullyVoice cracks are a temporary thing. You will notice your voice stop cracking after four months or so. For some people it happens quickly and for others it may take longer, but it is definitely not a permanent thing. In the mean time people might make fun of you but you shouldn’t get offended when they do. People always tease others about their voice cracking but the reality is that every guy goes through this phase of puberty. Making fun of a person for their voice cracking is just something that people do to tease and bully others. In a few months these people won’t be able to continue making fun of you for your voice cracking because you will have a lower voice that doesn’t crack anymore.

Just because other people bully you for having a voice that cracks doesn’t mean it is okay for you to bully others when your voice drops and theirs hasn’t. Bullying is never acceptable and you shouldn’t try to get back at somebody just because they made fun of you.