Why Are Deep Voices So Attractive

There’s a reason that women love it when you play Barry White in the bedroom and not Justin Beiber. Multiple studies have found that deeper voices are found to be more attractive to women, but why is this?

The answer is quite simple, really. Males and females are wired to be attracted to people that they believe will produce better and more healthy offspring. For this reason, we find people with symmetrical faces to be more attractive. The same can be said about voices because they are associated with masculinity. A person with a deep voice is most often a muscular, large male with lots of facial hair. All of these traits are viewed as masculine and as such they are attractive to females whether they care to admit it or not. Unfortunately, I have the low voice, hardly any facial hair and don’t even weigh a buck fifty soaking wet–but I digress.deep voices attractive

Does this idea of what makes a man manly stem from the media? Sure, the nerds are always the scrawny guys and the jocks are always the athletes with huge body frames but there is reason for this beyond the surface. Even before the television or newspapers, for that matter, came along there has always been an appeal to the more masculine looking man. Just look at the Statue of David and his perfect proportions. The ideal body image has been a thing for decades and is not a recent phenomenon.

It is also worth noting that while women find all these traits attractive that they also have an effect on other men. In the business world a man of taller stature with a lower voice is going to feel more powerful and be looked upon as more powerful than a skinny, high-pitched counterpart.

When guys go through puberty their testosterone starts to increase. This is when the vocal chords and larynx start to change and further develop. The more testosterone the lower the voice that the individual will end up with. So a lower voice seems to be an indicator of a man having lots of other “manly” traits which is why women find low voices so damn attractive.