Types of Voices

types of voicesEverybody has a unique voice, but that doesn’t mean that similar voices can’t be categorized. In fact, there are lots of adjectives that are used to describe a person’s voice. Below is a list of common voice types:

  • Breathy- A breathy voice is one that has lots of breathing noises throughout speaking.
  • Croaky- Describes a voice that is low and sounds as if the person is sick.
  • Gruff- If you have a gruff voice you have a low and rough sound when you speak.
  • Flat- A flat voice can also be described as a monotone voice. There is very little change in how you sound when speaking.
  • Gravelly- Similar to gruff; low and rough with an unhealthy sound.
  • Hoarse- When someone speaks in a low and rough voice because their throat is sore
  • Low Voice- A deep voice with a deep sound.
  • Penetrating- A voice so high pitched that it is uncomfortable to listen to.
  • Smoky- A gravelly voice that smokers often have.
  • Throaty- Comes from deep down in the throat.
  • Wheezy- Sounds as if the person is having difficulty breathing while they speak.

This list is not all inclusive, but it does mention a lot of common voices that you probably hear weekly. If you would like to add an adjective that describes a voice to the list feel free to comment your suggestion below.