7 Tips for Impressively Powerful Singing

It really feels incredible to produce such a huge sound from your voice and not have to strain one bit. Incredible singing is a matter of coordinating the air passing through the vocal cords and the singing muscles. Balancing these two things produces an excellent sound.

When executed properly, powerful singing can portray emotion, sound amazing, and truly blow the crowd away. On the other hand, when executed poorly, powerfully wrong singing is quite obvious and can lead to embarrassment. Here are 7 tips that will help you master a strong voice the right way.

Open the mouth while singing

Closing the mouth while singing is likely to tense the tongue and therefore you cannot reach a maximum quality of tone. Always use the two finger rule to help you open the mouth. You should be able to fit two fingers between your teeth especially when singing open vowels like “oh” and “ah”. If the two fingers do not fit, open your mouth more. Open and relax the back of your mouth for louder and stronger singing.

Sing with energy

Singing is a physical activity requiring your energy. Sing as if you mean it by imagining that you are in the song. Be passionate about the song and if you don’t really like it, pretend you do, Singing is much more about acting. Allow yourself to get excited before singing as this will give you the energy to keep the sound out of the throat and it also helps you reach higher notes. Walking around and jumping jacks before singing is great deal.

Believe what you are singing

Music is a form of expression as the saying goes “that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressible in music.” Music has the ability to influence listeners as it is alive especially when the singer believes in what they are singing. Connecting the song to personal life experiences makes the music you are singing more alive. Knowing the words and the tune of the song will help you sing louder unlike the person who does not know the words.

Relax the tongue

Tension in the tongue is the major cause of vocal problems. While singing, the tip of the tongue should dominantly rest on the bottom front teeth and if it doesn’t you have a serious problem. To help reduce the tension on the tongue, relaxing it forward in the mouth will help.

Breath considerable amounts of air

Intake of too much air creates pressure under the folds and can easily hinder your free singing ability. Too much air causes tension in your neck thus preventing you from singing high notes. To fix the problem, know the amount of air required in regular breathing and try to mimic that sensation when singing. The power of a song comes from the diaphragm and you should practice breathing exercise to improve it.

Never use your throat to sing louder

Singing with your throat can cause vocal fold nodules which can lead to permanent damage of your voice. Keep your larynx stead. The raising and the lowering of your larynx while singing can lead to different complications as it throw off your whole mechanism. For a great voice, rest your hand on larynx to ensure that it is steady.

Practice often

Practice, practice gives you perfect vocals. The more you practice, the more you get used to the song and with time you will be able to sing louder. Getting lessons will also help you improve your singing.

In Conclusion

If you want to sing with great power, practice each of the tips for a few days and then move to the other. The effort required to singing a powerful, thunderous note is the same one required to sing very quiet notes .When your voice starts hurting at any time, stop the singing as this can lead to further damages. Before you start singing, take deep breaths. Powerful singing is what most singers want and what most listeners expect. Always keep in mind that alcohol, caffeine and smoke are the biggest enemy to the voice and they should be avoided or intake limited for better singing results.