Socializing at a Party

There are two main problems that most people face when at a party. One of them is that some people find parties boring, draining and stressful. Therefore, these type of people try to do as much as possible to avoid attending one. The second problem and the one which we will focus on is that there are people who love parties but socializing does not come naturally to them. Some of the issues these type of people face include;

  • Not having a topic to talk about while chatting with somebody
  • Feeling awkward and shy about approaching somebody for a chat
  • The feeling of not being interesting while dealing with zany, rowdy aspects of parties
  • No clue on how to stand out and speak up in a group discussion
  • Not knowing how to join a group discussion
  • Taking a party as a social exam by which they assess their performance and take it as a reflection of their self – value

The following are some tips which you can consider while going out to parties:

Be Positive and Upbeat

Let the people around you have a positive attitude towards you. This is done by remaining light hearted and laughing while others crack jokes. Do not be gloomy as no one came there to console you. The reason for a party is to be happy and have fun. You should keep in mind no one prepares to go to a party with the expectation of meeting a bunch of sour apples. It is also good to participate while others are joking. Do not just stay silent and enjoy while others share their jokes. Contribute and make others laugh at some good jokes.

Find Something in Common

Are you sitting next to a person whom you wish to have a chat with but do not know how to? Relax… then look at something that the two of you have in common. This way it is easier to have a topic to chat about. Maybe you have met that person in a local library. Talk about it. Or the two of you were invited to the party by a mutual friend. Or the two of you have the same kind of shoes? Talk about that as it can lead to a very warm chat and later lead to knowing each other and becoming friends.

Maintain Eye Contact

With a lot of people, this one is a great challenge. However, it shows how confident you are during a discussion. Looking away or down while chatting with someone gives that person a low opinion about you. It shows you are shy. Consequently, if you notice someone staring at you in a party, it is a sign that that person is interested to know you. It is possible that the two of you can strike up a conversation without a lot of effort. Making good eye contact without necessarily staring at someone can catch someone’s attention and the two of you get to know each other.


Smiling is a universal language that everyone understands. After you have established eye contact with somebody, this is a great thing to do. Just smile. It can be a silent way to communicate with someone that you are friendly and harmless. You can then move towards the person and have a chat. At times, just smiling at somebody may make that person come to you. After that taking the next step is effortless. It eases tension of meeting new individuals at a party.

Feel at Ease to Make Small Talk at First

Making small talk can lead to things that are more substantial. In a party, it is not an issue if conversations get detailed or not. Everyone goes to parties to have fun and socialize and not to debate on latest government policies.

Be Polite

Being polite is the way one creates a good first impression to a stranger. The best way someone can remember you is if you had good manners. Being polite does not really mean that you should seat quietly in a corner.

Seek People to Visit With

With regard to the people at the party, you might have to walk around and get people to talk to. It is helpful to know that there are parties where you will not get people who will come to you and start a chat out of nowhere. At times it takes your efforts to socialize.

Learn to Listen

It makes someone feel nice to know you are listening to what they are saying. It is recommendable that you maintain good eye contact as this indicates that you are actually paying attention to what someone is saying to you. It also shows that you are interested.

It is my great hope that these tips for socializing at a party helps you to feel at ease while you are among other people. Practice them among others that you know and you will gradually learn the art of socializing with strangers as well.