Singorama Review – Does it Live Up to the Hype?

As one of the top authorities in the vocal community, we are asked quite often whether the Singorama singing guide actually works or whether it is just another terrible product that falls short in delivering on promises of improved singing ability and vocal range. To find out whether it works or not we got ahold of a copy ourselves and put it to the test. We will share with you details about the product, who created it, and whether it actually works. See what we have to say about the program in our Singorama review.

singorama review

What is Singorama?

Singorama is a program that helps you learn how to become a better singer by engaging you in vocal exercises for roughly 15 minutes a day. The Singorama 2.0 version was recently released and includes 28 audio lessons. For the purpose of this review, we will be discussing the 2.0 version as that is the most current version and is most likely the one you are interested in learning more about.gf4 band

Taught by Melanie Alexander, a vocal coach and former member of the band “Girlfriend“, Singorama is taught by one of the best. For those of you who are a little too young to remember, Girlfriend was a popular music group that earned their way to 1 gold and 2 platinum albums in the mid 90’s. Unless you live next to Beyoncé, Melanie is definitely more knowledgeable about the industry than any vocal coach that you would be able to work with locally.

Loaded with Bonuses

Along with your purchase, you receive a bonus called “Perfect Your Pitch Pro” which is a program designed to “train your ear to hear all 36 notes on chromatic scale.” This is especially useful in becoming a great singer as singing on pitch is an essential basic to learn before you can fine tune your skills (see what I did there).

Another bonus that you receive alongside the main program is the mini-recording studio. The Mini-recording studio is software that is designed to allow you to record your voice and play it back so that you can evaluate and chart your progress. A virtual keyboard is included in this software which makes it easier to track your progress and practice as if you were studying in-person with a vocal coach. It’s also really useful for when you practice singing your scales.

The learning curve on the mini-recording studio is not a hard one at all. It’s a very basic piece of software but it still gets the job done. If you were buying this software alone, it wouldn’t be worth paying more than $50 for. But as a free bonus, I don’t think anyone is complaining about the limitations of the software. It’s exactly what you would want and expect as a free bonus that helps supplement the program.

The final bonus you receive is a guide on how to read music. If you have no background in singing or have never played an instrument, this will be a surprisingly nice bonus for you. That being said, this bonus won’t have too much benefit to someone that has been in choir for most of their life.

I Put it to the Test

The team at wanted to create an honest review of the Singorama 2.0 program and that meant that somebody had to actually try the program out. It was decided that I would be the one to try it since I already have a background in singing. I am no professional but I was in choir for 7 years of my school career and that meant I had enough of the basics down to where I could judge the program accurately.

Disclaimer: You will find a lot of other “reviews” of Singorama but one thing you will find in common with all of those reviews is that they never show proof that they even own the course! You don’t know how much this upsets me but I’ll give you a hint, it makes my face look like the angry emoji. The pictures below are from the actual course and give you insight that no other Singorama review is offering.

singorama sample

This review has been over 2 months in the making as I wanted to make sure I tried all of the vocal lessons and used the bonuses as well. I practiced for 15 minutes a day and tracked my results.

When I started the course I was able to comfortably sing all music that would be classified as the Bass I part in choir (I actually pulled out some old sheet music from my high school choir days). It had been awhile since I had been singing on a daily basis and the singing I had been doing consisted of singing pops songs in the shower. I definitely was a bit rusty.

After about a few weeks I was back singing where I had been in high school (Bass II) and I was comfortably hitting all of the low notes from the old sheet music I had.

Two months into using Singorama and I clearly could hear the difference in my singing from when I started to where I had progressed to. The mini recording studio tool definitely helped me realize just how big of a difference there was from start to finish. I highly recommend that you use this tool if you decide to try the program out yourself. Not using this tool would be like started a 2 year long fitness journey and not taking “before” pictures.

While I may not have been singing regularly before starting this guide, I always make sure that I take the proper steps to keep my voice healthy. Make sure to drink lots of water before starting any new singing regimen.

My thoughts on Singorama?

You aren’t going to find a better program for the price. The one thing that a program like this lacks compared to 1 on 1 lessons in person is feedback. That’s the only real drawback in this program. Even still, you aren’t going to get feedback with any vocal program that you buy on the internet. Despite not having the ability to receive feedback this program delivers everything that it says it will. I improved my singing ability and can tell without anyone elses feedback. I know that I sound better after giving Singorama a try.

It is also worth noting that 1 on 1 lessons are simply not affordable for most people. With typical prices ranging in the $40-60 per lesson range, this guide is a one-time cost that you can practice on your own time and not have to pay each time you wish to use it. For that reason, I say that this guide is better than 1 on 1 instruction.


The program is offered in two different formats; digital and CD form. The CD format of the program is more expensive because it has to be shipped to you and consists of a bunch of different disks and packaging. The digital format is a lot cheaper and I recommend picking up this version of the program if you are going to get it. The digital format does lack any content that can be found on the disks so you might as well save yourself the money and get the digital version. That is unless you are the type of person that really prefers having a physical copy of something over digital format. Sometimes reading a Kindle just isn’t the same as reading a real book and some people feel the same way about digital vs. CD formats of audio.

singorama vocal exercises
A peak at what the vocal exercise interface looks like.

The digital version of Singorama can be loaded onto your phone or tablet so you can listen to it on the go. You can even plug in your phone to the Auxilary port in your car and practice while you are stuck in traffic.

Have an iPhone? This program can be uploaded to your iCloud and then played from there!


Singorama comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if it doesn’t deliver everything that it promises. The return policy is a “no questions asked, money back guarantee.” This is one of the best return policies that we have seen in the singing industry. Most companies just want your money and don’t care whether the program works or not, so long as they have already received your money. does singorama workThe team at Singorama is a lot different and their main goal is to make sure you finish the program a better singer than you started. We didn’t return the program as it worked for me when I tried it and it would simply be unethical to ask for a refund on a program that works as advertised.

Final thoughts? This program works as long as you follow it correctly. By investing a little less than 15 minutes per day into the Singorama exercises you can become a better singer and increase your vocal range after some time. While the results aren’t instant, you will start to notice your improvements after a few weeks. The added bonus “mini-studio recorder” is a great tool when evaluating your improvement and makes it clear just how much the program helps you from start to finish.