Maintaining a Healthy Voice

Having a healthy voice and taking care of your voice are two different things but that doesn’t mean that they don’t go hand and hand. In order to maintain a healthy voice you must take proper care of it.vocal anatomy

Here are some tips for keeping that voice healthy for years to come.

  • Avoid getting sick by getting proper rest and eating a balanced diet
  • Stay away from polluted areas, if possible
  • Do not yell to people that are not in the same room as you. Try clapping or some other way to get their attention but do not strain your voice by yelling.
  • Do NOT clear your throat
  • When speaking stand closer to the listener so that you may speak quieter
  • Relax all parts necessary for speaking. This includes the face, jaw, and neck
  • Breath often when speaking for prolonged periods of time
  • Support your voice with your diaphragm

Stay hydrated in order to keep your vocal chords healthy. Most people don’t realize that your vocal chords need to be  slightly lubricated in order to function properly. Too much mucus is not a good thing but not having enough can be just as bad. Make sure to drink lots of water–which you should be doing to keep your entire body healthy anyways–throughout the day.

Keep caffeinated and alcoholic drinks to a minimum. These drinks are okay every once in awhile but if you are serious about your voice you will steer clear of these drinks. If you must have one of these drinks, be sure to follow the drink with lots of water afterward.

Smoking is absolutely a no-no when it comes to having a healthy voice. You are probably already aware of this but after reading this you will have another reason to quit smoking besides the adverse effects it has on your lungs and other organs.

If you live in a dry area such as Arizona you may want to invest in a humidifier. This can moisten the air which is essential to keeping your vocal chords healthy.


Keep your body in tip top shape by exercising and drinking lots of water. This will keep you from getting sick and will not only keep your body healthy but will also keep your voice healthy. Make sure to avoid yelling, screaming, and talking too loudly.