How to Speak to New People

One of the easiest ways to improve your networking ability and invigorate your social life is to develop the skill of speaking to new to speak to new people

Speaking to new people can be a bit of a frightening experience for most people. You can see a new person that you really want to introduce yourself to but you are not quite sure what to say or even how to go about it.

So what can you do and get to speak to new people you just met? Here are some of the things that can greatly help you:

Show Interest

It’s in the nature of human beings that people like talking about themselves, and even more so when the other party seems to be interested in what they are saying. When speaking to a new person, show them that you are interested in the talk by responding appropriately to what they are saying. There are some simple words like ‘wow’, ‘is that so’ or ‘really’ that mean a lot. They show the other person that you are keenly listening and you have interest in what he/she is saying.

Paraphrasing Means You Are Listening

One may start wondering how this works. To paraphrase, here I mean you say to the person, who is speaking to you, what they just said, but in your own words. This technique shows the person that you are and have been listening to them, nearly hanging onto every word. It also sends a message that you are a good listener.

Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact means two things. First it demonstrates that you are a sincere person and secondly, it shows that what the other person is saying is important to you. Besides, it demonstrates the level of your attention to what they are saying.

If for instance you fix your eyes on something else or look all over the room, the message you are sending is that of boredom. In fact, failing to maintain a reasonable degree of eye contact is taken to be rude and disrespectful. It can also send a message that you are not sincere and confident.

Smile and Be Friendly

Some people do not see the importance of being smiley and friendly. If you do not have these qualities, be rest assured that most people will avoid you. Smiling gives a good first impression. Practice in the mirror. Then smile to the world. No one wants to talk to a sad, angry or rude person.

In order to increase your opportunities of speaking to new people and doing it the right way, be nice and friendly to the people you are already talking to. The individuals they talk to may get to hear about you and a good reputation will go before you. Therefore it is a good idea to put a smiling face on with a friendly spirit in your heart as you speak to someone new.

Have a Pleasant Voice

Regardless of whom you are speaking to, it’s senseless to raise your voice in a threatening way. If you try dong it, it will put the other person on defense.

Naturally, when someone perceives a threat, they will automatically go into a self-preservation mode regardless of whether the threat was real or not. This is certainly not a good way to start speaking to someone new.

Be Humble

Humility is a paramount virtue, not only when speaking to new people, but also to living life in general.

Humility is arguably the most attractive quality an individual can possess. This virtue makes speaking to new people a lot more easier and comfortable as it ensures they open up to you, without you feeling that you feel superior to them.

Be Respectful

When speaking to a new people, always address them with utmost respect. What do I mean? First, you have to watch the language you use when addressing them. If you use inappropriate language when conversing, it turns out to be disrespectful. Secondly, pay attention to your body language as it says a lot about you being respectful or not.

These are just but a few key points that can help you speak to new people and they can really help you out in getting off on the right foot with people you meet.