How to Speak More Confidently on the Phone

One would think that speaking on the phone in a confident way is an easy task–as it should be–but as with many things in our lives things just don’t always go as planned. Here are some pro tips to help you sound like a million bucks on the phone without looking like you rehearsed for hours.sounding more confident on the phone

If you are leaving a voicemail, press the # symbol to play back your message. Through doing so you can hear where you need to improve your voice to sound more confident. You may be taking heavy and very audible breaths that make you sound winded or maybe you say “umm” and “like” a million times. Neither of these habits indicate that you are confident in what you are saying so you better fixing them if you are going to leave a good impression on whoever it is you are calling.

When you playback the message you have the chance to delete it and start again. Make the proper adjustments and repeat until you have left the perfect message that shows off your confidence.

Now that you know that trick it’s time to take note of some things that take away from you sounding like a confident speaker.

  • Long pauses
  • Unusual stuttering
  • Saying “like” and “umm”
  • Starting sentences with “yeah” often
  • Speeding up when you talk (indicates that you are nervous)
  • Pauses in the middle of a sentence (although pauses in the right places are powerful)

What You Can do to Sound More Confident

Speak clearly and from the chest. Find the perfect volume (once again, by playing back your messages and discovering just how quiet or loud you really are) and stick with it.

Your call won’t always go to voicemail so you won’t always get a redo. You can practice hearing how you sound over the phone without having to actually risk someone picking up by calling your own voicemail. Once you have perfected what you would like to say you can then call your future employee or whoever it may be that you are trying to sound more confident when speaking to over the phone.

Speak even slower than usual. You may feel like it’s weird but by consciously thinking about speaking slower you will be sure not to sound like you a racing to get through your sentences.  If you think about speaking slower, even if you end up speeding up you will end up at a normal speaking speed which isn’t bad at all.

Make sure your statements are in fact statements. If you end your sentence with even the slightest hit of it being a question it will totally negate any confidence that you have previously shown. If you are making a statement you are telling not asking so make sure it sounds that way. On the contrary, if you are asking a question make sure you ask it boldly. Which of these sounds more confident and will surely be answered by the person you are speaking to: “Will we be having a second meeting on Monday, Mr. Johnson?” and not “So uhh, we’re having a second meeting Monday it sounds like…”?

Obviously the first one is the more confident sentence.


If you have an idea of what will be brought up during your phone conversation you may write down different topics and write in short detail what you would like to cover about each topic. Do not write out an entire speech because reading directly will surely have an adverse effect on what you would think is confident speaking. If you repeat every word you write down it is not going to sound natural and that’s even worse than just winging the conversation and sounding nervous.

Be prepared but don’t overthink and you’ll be just fine. Sounding confident takes practice and while these tips will definitely help you for your next been speaking moment nothing will ever prepare you to sound more confident as experience will.