How to Instantly Speak With A Deeper Voice

Ah, the deep, smooth baritone of a velvety radio announcer—there’s something fascinating about its calming yet far-reaching presence. Unfortunately, not everyone was born with the perfect deep voice. For those looking for a bit of bass in your voice, here’s a guide to getting a deeper voice.

1. Speak from your diaphragm

Holding your breath while speaking can make your voice sound thin and weak. In general, the deeper a voice is, the more support is needed to keep it strong, which is why many powerful speakers use the diaphragm when speaking. To speak from your diaphragm, focus your attention on your stomach and take deep breaths while speaking. This will help to produce a rich, deep tone.

2. Add resonance

Resonance is the term referred to when talking about echoing sound. When you speak, your vocal cords vibrate and, as the sound echoes off of your face, throat, and chest, added resonance is formed. To increase your resonance, you can experiment with taking deeper breaths and placing movement in your mouth and head to create more echo.

3. Drink more water

Keeping hydrated is essential for maintaining a healthy vocal range. Drink at least two liters of water a day to keep your vocal cords lubricated, and your voice from becoming too dry and strained.

4. Exercise your vocal cords

Exercising your vocal cords is like any other type of physical exercise: it gives your voice more control and strength. Set aside time to practice vocal exercises, such as humming scales and trills, lip trills and sirens. These exercises allow you to practice using your vocal cords in different ways and will increase their strength.

5. Use “oo” and “ah”

When speaking, using “oo” or “ah” sounds will help to deepen your voice. Try repeating these sounds in different octaves to notice the difference. Focus on annunciating the vowels more than the consonants of words.

To reach the full potential of your deep voice takes time and practice. Continue to use the above tips on a continual basis in order to make speaking lower more natural and something you subconsciously do without ever having to think about it.