How to Get Started with Voice Over Work

Have you been asked on multiple occasions if you are a voice actor or if you do radio work? If this is you, you have probably said “no” every time but it started to make you wonder whether you were cut out for the job. Sure, a great voice is a perfect start to get into voice acting but that isn’t the only requirement.

What it Takes to Do Voice Overs

To start you need to have a decent voice and as mentioned before, the better the voice the better off you will be in the long run. That being said, you also need some other skills and prerequisites.

Recording voice overs requires expensive equipment. You may be able to buy some entry-level equipment to get started but it will limit you from sounding your best. To get work as a voice actor you must “sell your voice” and that is quite hard to do when your equip is not up to par. Ask yourself why someone would pick you to do their voice over work when there are thousands of others with better equipment? Expect to spend hundreds getting started and even thousands when you really get into this profession.

Still, equipment isn’t everything and if you don’t know how to use your equipment it is practically useless. You must be familiar with or willing to learn how to use microphones and audio editing software. You probably aren’t Morgan Freeman so you are going to have to edit your voice at least a little bit. If you lack knowledge on how to use software, what microphones are best, etc., I recommend you give this site a visit. Another great resource that will answer most of your questions GreatVoice.


at home studioYou also are going to need a place where you can record. You might not need to be in a professional studio but you are going to need a studio of some sort. It isn’t reasonable for beginners to rent studio time but to start out you can turn your closet into a studio.
Of course, you can’t record in a closet if you live at home with tons of kids who are always home. Your studio must be treated as a workplace and because of this it needs to be sound and distraction free. The make-shift-closet-studio is an affordable way to test the waters out without emptying your pockets into this venture.


To start work as a voice actor you must have the correct mindset. Really think about this next statement. People make a living as voice actors. You know why they are able to make a living like this? Because they have practiced for hours and have become experts at what they do. If becoming a voice actor was easy everybody would give it a try and make a living doing so. This is simply not how it works and voice acting should be treated as a real job.

You may be able to start this part-time or as a hobby but even still you won’t just be able to jump in and start making money on your first day.

Where to Get the Work

For your first gig you might consider posting your skills on the website This is a website where you can post all types of “gigs” and can sell your skills for five bucks. Do a quick search on the site for “voice over” and you will see some examples. $5 might not be a living wage but your goal isn’t to stay on Fiverr forever. After you build a portfolio and gain some experience you can move on to sites where your skills are valued more such as Another method to get some gigs is to search your local classifieds or sites like Indeed. You might even find someone local who needs your skills.indeed local


If you made it this far I guess I didn’t scare you too much. Kudos my friend. Start learning the ropes now and in the future you can be great. Just remember this one tip: to get better at speaking you must get better at listening. With that I bid you farewell and wish you the best of luck on your voice over ventures.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them below.