Best Free Voice Editing Software List

If you have ventured into the world of voice overs you will definitely need the best voice editing software installed for you to use. You probably don’t want to pay for software that will cost you an arm and a leg so here’s a list of the best free voice editing software and the reasons why we love each one of them.


  1. Audacity

This program has been around since 1999 and that says a lot. It continues to receive updates and it is loaded with features, especially for the wonderful price you pay of nothing.audacity pic

Audacity allows you to change the pitch of your voice quite easily and with the proper tweaking you can make itsound quite natural. You can also clip out pieces and adjust the volume with ease. Quite possibly the most useful feature of Audacity is one that allows you to remove background noise. Below is a tutorial showing you just how easy it is to remove the static/ambient noise in the background when you record. As you can tell, it makes a huge difference when you remove that noise and this is the professional sound you are going to need if you are doing voice over work.

You can also edit multiple tracks on audacity which means you can add background music to your vocals. This program is packed with an abundance of features and can be appreciated by anybody with experience in the music and vocal industry. To list all of the features would take forever but that’s why it made its way to the top of our list. Audacity is a must have for anybody just dipping their feet into the voice acting world.

You can get Audacity from their official site here.

  1. Wavosaur

A fairly simple program but it gets the job done. The best part of Wavosaur is that it is straight to the point in more ways than one. To get Wavosaur you just unzip a file and you are on your way. You don’t have to install it and end up with seven tool bars bogging down your web browser.

Once you have opened Wavosaur you will notice that the interface is quite simple to use. It’s got all the basics you need and they are quite easy to find. Perfect for beginners as I know how hard it is to jump into an entirely new world of technology. With larger programs you might feel as if you are drowning in features that you don’t understand at all.

Waveosaur has its own website and you can find the program on their download page at the following link:

  1. Power Sound Editor Free

Power Sound Editor (PSE) is a great little tool that allows you to both record and edit your voice. While this program is better for people recording music because of its features like Echo and Reverb, it is still a good choice for editing your raw vocal files.

With a 4 and a half star rating on Cnet, you know this is a great pick. You can pick it up for free by clicking here.

  1. Waveshop

Last on the list of our best free voice editing software is Waveshop, a program that allows you to work with quite a number of different audio files.

Waveshop is great because it let’s you edit a single section without changing the rest of the file. You may only want to lower your pitch in one sentence and Waveshop allows you to do just that. With features that allow you to find clipping, add fade-ins and fade-outs, this software is on par with audacity.feature packed yet simple to use

Along with those features you can also assign different sound to different audio channels. Once finished, you can even convert the file format into another with ease.

Waveshop is multi-threaded meaning it will allocate different tasks to each part of your computers processor. If you have a powerful CPU with multiple threads this is perfect for you.

You can download Waveshop at SourceForge.