10 Tips for Preparing the Perfect Speech

  1. Know the purpose of your speech. Before you can write an effective speech you have to know why you are writing it.
  2. Understand who your audience will be. You could write a perfect speech but presented to the wrong audience it would be a terrible speech. Don’t be that guy who tells inappropriate jokes in his wedding speech while there are kids present. Think of how each and every one of your listeners will interpreted your words.
  3. Brainstorm topics you will cover in your speech. Think of different topics that you can talk about. These topics should be very broad and from there you can expand upon them.
  4. Consolidate the information from step 3 and create an organized outline. Take what you have from the previous tip and make it more organized. Make sure everything is in the correct order.
  5. Make sure you open with an attention getter. If the first sentence or two of your speech isn’t entertaining then why would the listener continue to pay attention? Use an attention grabber that is suitable for your audience.
  6. Expand upon each topic you are covering with your “filler information”. Build on each topic until you have covered everything you need to for each of them.
  7. Create a great closer/conclusion. When you finish your speech people will probably only remember the beginning, one detail from the middle, and the ending. You want to leave a good impression so make sure your ending is impressive.
  8. Consider adding a visual aid. Visual aids can not only help distract you from being nervous but can also be used to help improve your overall presentation of your speech.
  9. Practice incorporating your visual aid into your speech at the right times. Make sure that you understand when to present your visual aid and exactly how to use it in conjunction with your speech. Proper timing is everything so do a couple dry runs before you present for real.
  10. Make adjustments to your rough draft to make your speech smoother. Make the finishing touches on your speech not that you have mixed your visual aid into your presentation.

When speaking to a large audience make sure that you spread out your looks. Everyone should feel like you are talking to them at some point in your speech. Speaking straight back towards a wall is not effective.Take deep breaths before you speak and be sure to speak clearly. Do not take unnecessary breaths but be sure to make pauses when needed. Plan to pause when people are expected to laugh or clap. Pauses can also change or intensify the mood.

Speaking too quickly will tell your listeners that you are nervous and might make it sound like you were unprepared for your speech.

You’ve got all the tools you need to execute a great speech. Now all you need to do is put in a little effort and create one. Polish it up and you’ll be sure to leave a {positive) lasting impression on your listeners!