Best Free Voice Editing Software List

If you have ventured into the world of voice overs you will definitely need the best voice editing software installed for you to use. You probably don’t want to pay for software that will cost you an arm and a leg so here’s a list of the best free voice editing software and the reasons why we love each one …

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10 Tips for Preparing the Perfect Speech

Know the purpose of your speech. Before you can write an effective speech you have to know why you are writing it. Understand who your audience will be. You could write a perfect speech but presented to the wrong audience it would be a terrible speech. Don’t be that guy who tells inappropriate jokes in his wedding speech while there …

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Socializing in a Group How to Stand Out and Speak Up

Speaking takes a great part when, -Socializing in a group. However, most people find it hard to speak in groups especially when it’s a group of strangers. What people fail to understand is that everyone in the group feels the same way, whether introvert or extrovert. Individually, everyone feels like they are out of place, without realizing that even the …

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